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1.1.1 released at 2016-07-20

This Plugin based upon the well known and good old FuFi.Widgets who accompanied us for years, it was written from scratch to change the look and feel of the Widgets and to make it easier to configure. Also to use the new XAseco features and events for more speed (since XAseco/1.12).

Some new features are included to have more information available and easily accessible. The famous feature (i think) is the adjustable clock, no more need to calculate the local time from a Server far away!

Also included the BEAT (the Swatch Internet Time), that displays the time which is worldwide the same. Another nice feature are the clickable Record-Widgets to display all the driven records and not just a few in the small Widgets.

The extended MX-Mapinfo-Window display more information of a Map as the default currently does and also in a very nice way.

The next very nice thing is the Maplist where you can easily add a Map to the Jukebox. The integrated filter options makes it easy for e.g. list only Maps with the mood night or only Canyon Maps or only Maps from a selected Mapauthor.

Featured Widgets at Race

  • Dedimania Records (except Gamemode 'Stunts')
  • Gerymania Records (only for Gamemode 'Stunts')
  • Local Records
  • Live Rankings
  • Current Song
  • Current Map (with additional Last-/Current-/Next-Map Window)
  • Round Score (which replaces the original one)
  • Ladder Limits
  • Gamemode
  • Player & Spectator amount
  • Current Ranking
  • Toplist (More Ranking)
  • Mapcount
  • Visited Players
  • Clock
  • Add Favorite
  • Checkpoint Count

Featured Widgets at Score

  • Top Ranks
  • Top Winners
  • Most Records
  • Most Finished
  • Hours Played
  • Top Donators
  • Top Nations
  • Top Maps
  • Top Voters
  • Top Visitors
  • Top Active Players
  • Top Betwins
  • Top Roundscore
  • Top Winning Payouts
  • Average Last Round
  • Dedimania Records (except Gamemode 'Stunts')
  • Gerymania Records (only for Gamemode 'Stunts')
  • Local Records
  • Finish Winners (pay Coppers to winning Players)
  • Add Favorite
  • Upcomming Environment
  • Upcomming Gamemode
  • Donation

Supported Gamemodes

  • Rounds
  • TimeAttack
  • Team
  • Laps
  • Cup
  • Stunts


  • This Plugin comes WITHOUT integrated Karma-Feature, just use the Mania Karma Plugin additionally.
  • The Dedicated Server did not event onCheckpoint and onFinish in WarmUp-Mode, and therefor the Round Score Widget did not display any times or something else.

Special thanks to

  • tyjo from the COS//Clan for providing dumps of a large database to analyze & test with
  • .anDy for the help and testing for the Round Score Widget
  • hoppse for testing
  • all other betatester


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