Documentation for XAseco1 and XAseco2

This page is a conglomeration of documentation i have found (or wrote by myself) and noticed here for helping me (and hopefully you) to write Plugins for XAseco1 and XAseco2.

In this documentation i assume that you have enough PHP skill, begin to learn PHP and want to write a Plugin are not a very good idea!

In this tutorial i use the XAseco/1.15+ and XAseco2/1.01+ releases. So it is the best if you start a new Plugin with this releases or newer too, to make sure that you do not run into complications.

Special thanks for the contributors:

  • Reaby for contribute the event description
  • Xymph for help me out at several stages
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Maybe you have already noticed, that i have changed the order in the Navigation. Since now XAseco2 is in front of all others content.

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