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1.0.3 released at 2013-02-20

This Bash-Scripts always restarts Aseco (in this case XAseco, XAseco2 or MPAseco) when Aseco unexpectedly stops or was crashed.

All log files are stored to being able to search for the reason why Aseco stops running, every restart the old log file are renamed and the current Date and Time are attached to the filename.

For security you have to setup a unprivileged username as which Aseco are started, Aseco should not run as the superuser root.

Last modified: Thu, 14 Mar 2013 19:44:11 +0100
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XAseco is maintained by Frans P. de Vries.
MPAseco is maintained by Kremsy, ManiacTwister & TheM

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Maybe you have already noticed, that i have changed the order in the Navigation. Since now XAseco2 is in front of all others content.

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